Cloudon brings Microsoft Office app to iPad users

Karrie Kehoe News
22 Feb, 2012

New CloudOn app helping iPad users get Office is now available in appstore

It’s been a thorny problem for Office users – how to run the world’s most popular productivity software on their iPads. Now Californian-start-up Cloudon has released its eponymous software in the UK claiming to be the world’s first app that allows users to run Microsoft Office on their iPads.


Using Microsoft Office 2010, the app transforms the iPad and iPad 2 into a mobile workspace, allowing users to create, edit and view files in Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The app runs in collaboration with Dropbox, saving the documents automatically to the users’ personal Dropbox accounts.


After a false start on 3 January due to some platform development issues, the developers were forced to withdraw the app until the platform problems were ironed out and then re-launched the app on the US market on 5 January.


The free app which was released into the UK app store on 17 February ranks highly in the UK charts for free apps and is available for download, as it is also in the US and Canadian stores.


While the application is currently is not restricted to time limits, the Cloudon developers have hinted that the service may develop into a tiered pricing structure in time to come, charging a fee for more sophisticated parts of the application.


The app however is not without its limitations, and currently does not enable the user to print to regular WiFi printers, email the document to a third party, have a save as function, is not compatible with any other Apple products and is tied exclusively to Dropbox. Users have responded that while the app is useful for quick changes and short projects on the iPad it is not currently suitable for longer Office projects.  

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