Apple users to be offered new cloud-based email archiving

New & Improved
New & Improved

Mimecast app brings cloud services to enterprises using Apple OS

Apple users within companies are often forgotten when it comes to enterprise-wide offerings. Now Mimecast has introduced a new app for enterprise Mac users to bring its suite of cloud email security, archiving and continuity to Apple’s desktop platform.

Dubbed Mimecast for Mac, the service extends to users of Mac OS X features that had previously been available only to Microsoft Outlook for Windows and web portal users.

According to Mimecast, Mac users can now get full access to their email if their primary service goes down, fast search everything in their personal email archive and spam management.

They can also send large files securely with Mimecast Large File Send, which has also been upgraded.

Mimecast claims this will make life easier for IT administrators as well, as they can manage Mac users alongside Windows from within the same central Mimecast Administration Console. This could also cut costs, it is claimed.

Orlando Scott-Cowley, director of technology marketing at Mimecast, said: “IT teams manage complex environments that mix PCs and Macs with multiple mobile devices. Securing data across these heterogeneous environments can be a real headache.

“Our new Mimecast for Mac app gives end users easy access to email continuity services as well as self-service email archive search and security services. With Large File Send also available via the Mac app, IT administrators now know that some of their most storage-hungry users can exchange big files within a safe corporate IT framework, and with no need to resort to consumer cloud services.”

The upgrades to Large File Send, which are available across the board, make it possible for users to send and receive files securely, whether or not the recipient is a Mimecast customer.

The company claimed the file would remain protected and archived on its cloud service throughout the exchange, giving IT administrators peace of mind.

Both services are available immediately.

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