Sage: UK ‘couple of years behind’ US for cloud adoption

Jennifer Scott News
19 Dec, 2011

As the firm encourages users to try its CRM for free, Sage’s product manager gives us his views on cloud computing.

Adoption of cloud technologies in the US is much further along than the UK, according to the product manager of CRM at Sage.

In an interview with Virtual Clouds today, Duncan Wood claimed the market on our shores was “a couple of years behind the adoption curve” when compared to the other side of the Atlantic, but it wasn’t stopping companies trialling cloud computing in certain areas of their business.

“We have got to the stage where cloud is accepted that it will play a part,” he said, claiming customer relationship management (CRM) was the right place to start.

“CRM is not quite as serious as, say, financial information,” added Wood. “It is natural to experiment in the cloud with (less sensitive) information.”

The manager claimed there were also regulatory issues when it came to testing out other data in a cloud model.

“With financial information there will be the worry it might be seen as crossing a boundary,” said Wood.

He also claimed CRM was more likely to be a decision taken lower down the chain, meaning there would be less people standing in the way of getting it signed off.

“CRM is more of a departmental decision,” added Wood. “It is more agile and there is much more autonomy in IT for mini-products, for want of a better word.”

“Financial systems are still well placed as a serious high level IT decision.”

However, despite the good take up Wood is seeing in cloud CRM, his own company is now offering a free 30 day trial for UK customers to try and entice more - only a few months after it first launched the offering.

“The idea is it is really easy to sign up… and we can walk you through how to use it,” he said.

Partnering with Amazon, as well as offering both desktop and mobile versions of its dashboard, may bring customers in, but it will be the services around it that will keep them there.

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