IBM enhances analytics portfolio with new Navigator service

Business analytics roadsign
Business analytics roadsign

Users can collaborate to make sense of the data deluge, says Big Blue

IBM customers will be able to carry out big data projects in the cloud as Big Blue adds a new service to its cloud marketplace.

Built on SoftLayer, the IBM Navigator Cloud service will allow analysts to perform more efficiently and collaboratively, according to the company, by synchronisation of content across any browser, desktop and mobile device.

“Because IBM's service is built on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capabilities that have been proven in regulated environments, it delivers the ease of use associated with consumer oriented content management and file sharing applications without sacrificing security,” IBM said in a release.

Employees can quickly set up team collaboration areas accessible from the internet and via mobile, while customisable options will enable the application to be used by a variety of departments including sales, finance or HR.

"With today's news, IBM is fulfilling an unmet need in the marketplace by providing a new service that combines enterprise grade security, governance and integration with mobile and web apps that are easy to interact with and use," said general manager of enterprise content at IBM, Doug Hunt.  

"This new offering surpasses the promises of our competitors, and offers clients a simple and easy experience to learn, try, and buy it."

IBM promises that Navigator on Cloud will be fully scaleable, reliable and secure and will help businesses make sense of the “data deluge” that is facing them in the modern age of social media.

Navigator marks the 15th data application on IBM’s cloud marketplace, part of Big Blue’s $24 billion (£14 billion) investment into the technology. It is available to users immediately.

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