Open-Xchange and Voiceworks team up for secure cloud comms

hand with neon cloud
hand with neon cloud

In-browser technology willl make VoIP and messaging more accessible, companies claim

Open-Xchange has joined forces with VoIP provider Voiceworks to develop cloud-based real-time communication products aimed at other cloud service providers.

According to the firms, the partnership is focused on giving these third-party organisations white label offerings that can be deployed straight away.

The first of these will be a browser-based instant messaging, VoIP and video chat application that will be integrated into Open-Xchange’s flagship product OX App Suite.

This, the companies claim, will allow cloud service providers to offer SaaS-based group chat features under their own branding that can be accessed via any device.

Open-Xchange and Voiceworks further state that cloud-based real-time communications (RTC) is more private and secure than a centralised server approach, as well as offering greater network resilience, decreased costs and significantly increased scalability.

Rafael Laguna, CEO of Open-Xchange, said: “The development of peer-to-peer technology has always interested me, and it is exciting to finally see it used in the browser, which we are increasingly using for a wide variety of applications.

“Voice chat, instant messaging and file sharing – without the need for third-party plug-ins – eases the adoption of such technology and provides a more secure communications platform.”

Stijn Nijhuis, CEO of Voiceworks, added: “This is the logical next step - going beyond real-time communications, and integrating email and office productivity – to offer a complete RTC solution for different environments where they are most needed.

“Because this solution is browser-based, Voiceworks and Open-Xchange can provide ‘contextual’ communications that drive more engaging user experiences.”

A technology preview of the offering will be showcased at the Parallels Summit, which is taking place in New Orleans from 24-26 February 2014.

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