SuccessFactors buys up Jobs2web

James Stirling News
6 Dec, 2011

The newly acquired SAP subsidiary proves its independence by purchasing its own SaaS firm.

SuccessFactors announced today it would be acquiring Jobs2web for $110 million (£70.5 million).

Jobs2web specialises in recruitment marketing software, delivering the platform to businesses as a cloud service. It works on top of any Applicant Tracking System (ATS) recruiters may use and alongside social networking with the hope of casting the widest net for the hiring process.

The deal will see the firm operate independently within SuccessFactors, which just yesterday entered into the same deal with SAP itself, albeit for a slightly more impressive $3.4 billion.

Lars Dalgaard, founder and chief executive (CEO) SuccessFactors – as well as newly appointed head of cloud strategy at SAP – claimed he had a fight on his hands to acquire the company, but was pleased to have come out on top.

“It was easy for SuccessFactors to pull the trigger on acquiring Jobs2web, despite an extremely competitive acquisition fight for them, because they have so many powerful assets,” he said.

“There are 300 million job searches alone on Google each year that companies don't know how to get to. With Jobs2web, SuccessFactors can help companies turn [CVs] into candidates, broadcasting their jobs in all social networks.”

If it passes through all the regulatory hoops, Jobs2web should become a SuccessFactors company before the end of the year.

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