Roambi launches cloud-based publishing and data analytics tool

New iPad/iPhone app brings data visualisation to the masses

A new iPad app could help in quickly turning masses of business data into catchy graphics using the cloud.

The cloud-based app, dubbed Roambi Flow in the Cloud, helps users find and publish critical business information trapped in dry, text-heavy and data-centric files. The firm behind the app, Roambi, said it would then present the data " a meaningful and powerful way that will immediately grabs an audience’s attention."

Data is sent into its cloud and this crunches through this data to turn it into visually appealing graphics. The app app combines multi-touch navigation with interactive media from Roambi Analytics, YouTube, Vimeo, embedded videos and more, to create the infographics/

There are also sharing and security features that enable the creation, distribution and management of new issues of a publication for a customer's audience.

It said its layout and templates allowed users to focus on telling a story with data rather than worrying about margins, tabs and formats.

An audience feature allows users to open a session with other Roambi Flow users and have their publication automatically open on other users' devices as well. Through this feature users have the ability to mirror their gestures as they move through the publication. Users can also choose to leave behind the publication on their audience's device after the session or lock them out.

Quinton Alsbury, co-founder and president of product innovation for Roambi said the cloud-based app allows users to create data-based graphics in "just minutes".

"Roambi Flow lets you take information from anywhere and turn it into an immersive iPad experience—essentially turning anyone into a publishing powerhouse."

Jeffrey Kaplan, managing director of strategic consultancy THINKstrategies and founder of the Cloud Computing Showplace said the volume of business data is multiplying exponentially. "This Big Data is worthless unless it can be easily sorted and presented in proper business context," he said.

“Integrating Roambi Flow with Roambi Business provides corporate end-users with a convenient toolset that helps them make sense of their data and publish it in a unique and effective manner.”

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