Salesforce takes the wraps off

Social cloud
Social cloud

Latest product forms third pillar of Marketing Cloud offering, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider best known for its CRM platform, has unveiled what it is terming the third pillar of its Marketing Cloud offering,

The new service, which joins Radian6 and Buddy Media to make up Marketing Cloud, will allow brands and advertising agencies to build social ad campaigns for Facebook and Twitter that are both proactive and reactive, the company claims.

Gordon Evans, global senior director of product marketing at Salesforce, told Virtual Clouds: “We believe this is the first truly social marketing platform. As well as offering campaign creation, optimisation and automation, also has two features we believe are unique: listening integration and CRM integration.”

Listening integration, Evans explained, allows brands and agencies to monitor real-time social media events, such as trending topics on Twitter, and respond to relevant trends by pushing their campaign.

CRM integration, on the other hand, allows organisations to make better use of customer data they already have sat in existing databases in creating more targeted campaigns, Evans said. is built on an ad management platform acquired when Salesforce acquired Buddy Media in June 2012, Evans said. However, the domain was first registered by the company in 2011.

“We are seeing an incredible momentum for social ads, not just in our products, but in the industry. Social ads have become such a huge growth engine and are forecast to be worth $11 billion (£7.21 billion) within the next couple of years. More immediately, two thirds of advertisers say they are going to increase their social media ad spend this year,” said Evans.

“It makes sense intuitively to target this space, because it has the reach of television combined with unprecedented targeting capabilities. There is no denying the impact of social not just on marketing but on business as a whole” he concluded.

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