Virtual Cloudsvides documentation solution for e-invoicing firm

OB10 chooses Alfresco for global document management platform

E-invoicing company OB10 had a problem. It needed to provide easy and efficient access to company product, project, compliance and HR documentation for its users. But as a lot of OB10’s staff members are on the road delivering services to customers, there was a key requirement  to give them access to documentation from mobile devices as well as at the desk.

With nearly 300 employees globally, OB10 was looking for a document management platform in the cloud that included workflow collaboration capabilities. The company has offices in London, Atlanta in the US, Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and Sofia in Bulgaria, so needed something that would be accessible throughout its offices worldwide. The firm delivers suppliers’ invoices direct to their customers’ finance system without intervention from the client.

The need to access documentation from mobile devices meant that a cloud service was needed

Before finally deciding on Alfresco, the company first tried using an internal system that was wildly inefficient and OB10 quickly realised it was not good at managing this process on its own. It looked into using Microsoft’s Sharepoint next but needed employees to be able to access documents anywhere and weren’t able to do that productively with Sharepoint. After looking at a few different options with clunky user interfaces that were difficult to implement and rollout, OB10 selected Alfresco.

As a large amount of OB10’s staff members are on the road, meeting with customers, the need to access documentation from mobile devices meant that a cloud service was needed. In addition to enabling access to the latest documentation, OB10 needed older versions to be readily accessible to employees. As documents and files regularly require updating, there needed to be a mechanism in place to enable this to be done easily and efficiently.

Ease of use and intuitiveness
According to OB10, Alfresco’s cloud service was selected for its “ease-of-use functionality, accessibility from mobile devices, efficient management of permissions and responsibilities, daily updates on site activities, useful content functionality, positive support and flexibility.” The user-friendly layout with dashboard and familiar folder structure for the storage library were also attractive to OB10, the firm says.

Alfresco’s cloud offering was intuitive enough for the firm that training for OB10’s dispersed global team wasn’t required. Alfresco’s encrypted data storage also protects content stored for offline use and prevents unauthorised access to the stored content on lost or stolen devices. As a paid customer of Alfresco in the cloud, all of OB10’s mobile devices are covered. The security used in the cloud-based document management system clearly differentiates between users who belong to the organisation and those who don’t, making it easy for administrators to control external access to content shared from their organisation.

The service also allows a network to choose administrators who can control network settings and manage users. In just two clicks, users who have left the organisation can easily be removed from a network making it even simpler for organisations to control access to their networks as users join and leave.

Deploying the system
OB10 deployed Alfresco in July 2012 and initially managed approximately 1,000 documents. The service started with 30 users across the US, UK and Bulgaria with plans to increase the number to 300 by rolling it out to all staff members by May 2013.

“The implementation was quite smooth because Alfresco provides timely support and great documentation sources. The tool is very intuitive, so there was no need for training sessions across the company,” says Lyubov Skenderova, OB10 product manager, internal systems.

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