UK businesses struggling to cope with demands of big data

Karrie Kehoe News
27 Feb, 2012

British businesses are baffled by the explosion in data and are perplexed about the analytics needed to make sense of it

Almost three quarters of UK businesses are clueless about big data according to data management firm LogLogic.

A survey conducted by the company found almost half of British firms were worried about how to manage big data and that a only 23 percent actually knew what big data is.

Big data is becoming a serious problem for UK businesses as fifty nine percent of businesses admitted their tools were totally inadequate for coping with big data and nearly three quarters of businesses failed to have the proper tools to deal with big data.

“There is confusion because you don’t see big data, it is invisible.” Fabrice Prugnaud, vice-president of LogLogic told Virtual Clouds. He strongly advised businesses to educate themselves in big data and prepare themselves to cope with its demands.

“While big data, cloud needs and compliance requirements are clearly major concerns, the majority of companies are not prepared to deal with any of them adequately,” said Prugnaud. 

Prugnard advised businesses to overcome the big data stumbling block by using appropriate software such as Hadoop and by using a decent Virtual Cloudsvider to deal with their big data needs.

Data control is the most important factor when grappling with big data. If users are using a cloud platform to manage their data, it is crucial that their service agreements include information about where their data is being stored, how they will access it, who has access and that the data is being managed in accordance with all laws and regulations.

He recommended that, when choosing a potential Virtual Cloudsvider “make sure that all the information you need is at the tip of your fingers.”

It's not something to ignore, said. Prugnaud concluded that, “It’s all about what’s happening in the basement, what’s happening with your data.”


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