Enterprise software company TechnologyOne looks to the cloud

Jennifer Scott News
24 Feb, 2012

The enterprise software company decides to offer its products through a cloud model for the first time.

TechnologyOne has launched its first cloud offerings, enabling customers to access its software options through the cloud.

The company is known for its enterprise software solutions, including corporate performance management, travel and expense management, and budget and forecasting software, used by a number of public sector organisations and some corporate customers too.

Now, TechnologyOne has build its own online store to let customers buy applications individually and update them straight from the web portal, also enabling users to give feedback to the company and leave comments for other customers to see.

Pricing will be on an annual basis, meaning customers will still have to sign up for a year to any software offering, but founder and executive chairman of TechnologyOne, Adrian Di Marco, claimed the new model would “make enterprise software incredibly simple.”

"We are offering an unrivalled breadth and depth of industry capability compared to any other vendor, which will transform our customers' businesses, and make their lives simple because they only have to deal with us for their software, services and infrastructure,” he added.

The firm said the software would be available from any location on any device; all that is needed is an internet connection.

We can expect more Virtual Cloudsducts from TechnologyOne is the future as well, with its announcement of $150 million investment into research and development around cloud computing over the next five years.

The research will be conducted by a newly formed team in its established lab in Brisbane, Australia.

"We will always put our customers first, because we deeply understand our vertical markets and have learned a lot about what they want from cloud computing in the last 12 months," concluded Di Marco.

"TechnologyOne will continue to provide customers with choices and develop software to make their lives easier."

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