Microsoft offers OneNote to Android users

Jennifer Scott News
8 Feb, 2012

The cloud note service rolls out handsets based on the Google mobile operating system.

Microsoft today announced the roll-out of its OneNote application across Android-based mobile devices.

OneNote enables users to create, store and share notes, from bullet-point lists to data tables, in the cloud, allowing for access from anywhere.

The programme is built into Microsoft’s own Windows Phone 7 devices and can be downloaded for Apple iOS devices, but this is the first time it has been available on mobile phones and tablets running Google’s mobile operating system.

In a blog post, Microsoft admitted the android version had been a long time coming and apologised for the wait.

“You asked, we listened,” wrote Michael C. Oldenburg, technical writer in the Office division of Microsoft.

“For all of you who've been asking (and patiently waiting) for a version of OneNote for your Android phones, we have great news: OneNote Mobile for Android is now available!”

Features available in OneNote for Android version 1.0 include checklists and to-do lists, quick photo capture, free syncing to Skydrive and offline access to notes.

The app is free to download for up to 50 notes. After this users will have to pay £2.99 to edit any notes but get unlimited use.

The global roll-out is beginning today but Microsoft warned users may have to wait a few hours until it reaches their region.   

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