AT&T unveils cloud unified communications

Jennifer Scott News
24 Jan, 2012

The US telecoms firm becomes the latest to offer unified communications through a cloud model.

AT&T today revealed it would offer unified communications (UC) via the cloud.

It claimed by introducing the AT&T Unified Communications Services, companies of any size could take advantage of UC tools without having to pay for the expensive back-end in their own offices.

The cloud UC portfolio is based on Cisco’s Hosted Collaboration Solution (HSC) platform.

It will offer both AT&T’s ‘UC Central’ and ‘UC Voice’ capabilities, meaning customers would get the likes of instant messaging, email, VoIP calling, web/video conferencing and voicemail, as well as its IP telephony, as a service.  

“AT&T is breaking new ground by providing customers with simple, affordable access to carrier-grade UC functionality,” said Shawn Conroy, vice president of voice, collaboration and UC Services at AT&T.

“Not only can this service leverage an organisation’s existing investments to improve business collaboration, it also provides an easy transition from where a customer is today to where they want to be tomorrow without incurring significant capital expenses.

All the elements would be available for use over a PC or on mobile devices, and offer the option of transferring between the two mid-call or message.

Although the official launch is this week, a spokesperson for AT&T told Virtual Clouds the service wouldn’t be available in the UK until later in the year.

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