Executives still not sold on cloud software

A new survey has revealed that companies are still loath to turn to cloud-based productivity software

Microsoft might be ready to bet the company on the cloud but there are plenty of managers out there who haven’t yet got the message. Nearly four out of ten executives have not even heard of Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity suite.

There still seems to be widespread reluctance to move to cloud-based software, 45 percent of respondents said they had no plans to move from on-premise software, while only 17 percent had already implemented such products. There also appears to be little difference between large enterprises and small businesses as to whether the companies would move: the survey revealed that SMBs were more likely to move to cloud-based productivity software – 48 percent of businesses between one and 10 employees had no desire to move, a stance supported by 40 percent of the largest enterprises.

But IT managers are becoming more aware of cloud computing: more than half of the managers surveyed had an idea of what cloud computing meant – with 17.5 percent describing themselves as cloud experts.

The survey also confirms the findings of other research – that cost reduction is not the biggest driver for a move to cloud. In fact, according to the Dennis survey, it’s the one  least important of the suggested reasons: flexibility and accessibility are regarded as the main reasons to move to cloud.

While the survey, of just under 1,000 company executives, revealed that cloud delivery is still way off for most companies, vendors and Virtual Cloudsviders will be encouraged by the fertile ground: many of the companies’ biggest challenges could be met by cloud delivery. For example, more than 70 percent of the respondents had to meet the demands of remote and home working and more than 40 percent were looking at cost reduction. And with Microsoft still the dominant provider, only 10 percent of users had no plans to upgrade their software.


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