Dell launches cloud platform for education

At this year's BETT show, the vendor reveals its 'Next Generation Learning Platform.'

This week, Dell has unviled its latest cloud offering, aiming specifically at the education sector.

The Next Generation Learning Platform integrates education applications, digital learning resources and data management systems into a cloud-based package. The aim is to help personalised teaching and learning, and to enable collaboration, both inside and outside the classroom.

The platform pulls together curriculum management tools, core education applications, online teaching resources and tools for lecture capture, chat and collaboration into one streamlined interface, which will be tailored to the needs of teachers, parents, administration staff and students.

Dell will provide a content repository for searching, sharing and accessing resources, while Dell’s Education Data Management systems deliver tools to capture, securely store and track student data.

The data can be analysed through a range of dashboards and reports, which Dell believes should enable teachers to monitor student progress and take proactive steps to get the best outcome. Dell claims this will lead to a more personalised form of education.

Assistive technology

Meanwhile, Dell is connecting the Next Generation Learning Platform to a new range of assistive technology solutions, with text-to-speech software, magnifying screens and touchscreen monitors to support students with disabilities or special learning requirements.

“Our mission is to equip teachers, administrators and parents with the resources they need to ensure all students reach their full potential,” said Mark Horan, Dell’s global education vice-president.

However, Dell is entering into a crowded market. At BETT, Microsoft is promoting its own ‘School in a Box’ platform, already being trialled in UK Schools, while Google is pushing its own education platform based on Chromebook laptops and Google Apps. All three see cloud-based services as the solution to the growing demands and budgetary constraints currently being faced by UK schools.

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