Oracle bids for top toolmaker slot with WebLogic 12c

The new webserver enables the same apps to be deployed conventionally or in a cloud, claims Oracle.

Oracle today released version 12c of WebLogic Server, the webserver which underpins its Cloud Application Framework.

The company claimed the software was now completely compliant with the Java EE 6 specification and had been considerably re-engineered, both to improve performance and reduce its footprint – just 168MB, according to Mike Lehmann, the company's senior director of product management.

Lehmann said the new version was crucial because it “enables us to put our Fusion Middleware product family into the cloud.”

He also said this would make it possible for users to deploy the same applications locally or in public or private clouds.

“That's an important differentiator, as many cloud environments lock you into that deployment model,” he said.

“WebLogic Server 12c is the number one application server for both in-house and cloud.”

Other improvements in the new release include new plug-ins for dependency management, tighter integration with Oracle RAC (Real Application Clusters) for high availability and disaster recovery, support of TLS 1.2 application security and the new Fusion Middleware component Oracle Traffic Director, which provides for traffic routing and load balancing in highly virtualised environments.

“We have also worked on easier deployment and management [of WebLogic Server], especially in virtualised environments,” Lehmann said.

The director also claimed it enabled multi-tier applications to be packaged as standard virtualised packages, for example.

Lehmann noted that as well as running on the public cloud service Oracle announced earlier this year, WebLogic Server is also a key component of the new Oracle Java Cloud Service, an enterprise platform for developing, deploying and managing business-critical Java EE applications. This supports development and deployment from multiple Java-based integrated development environments.

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