Micro Cloud Foundry 1.2 looks to improve configuration

Jennifer Scott News
22 Feb, 2012

The standalone VMware platform gets a boost to offline support and Java debugging.

VMware’s open cloud platform Cloud Foundry today announced updates to the virtual machine version of its Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering.

Micro Cloud Foundry runs as a self-contained solution within a virtual machine, but aims to give the user “as similar as possible” experience to the Cloud Foundry cloud, benefiting the development of applications for a cloud environment.

Today, version 1.2 will be released, with the headline feature being better abilities to configure Micro Cloud Foundry offline.

“The new version we release today...  improves upon that convenience and portability by making it very simple to configure your Micro Cloud Foundry instance to either run disconnected from or connected to the internet,” wrote Charles Lee, product manager at VMware, on the Cloud Foundry blog.

“The default network setting has been changed to the offline configuration, so that Micro Cloud Foundry can work flawlessly and consistently anywhere you are: home, office, coffee shop, conference, or even on a plane.”

As well as offline support, developers using Micro Cloud Foundry will now be able to debug Java applications within the instance, as if the app was running locally.

It has also received up-to-date versions of the languages, frameworks and services available to CloudFoundry.com users.

Micro Cloud Foundry version 1.2 is available for download today.  

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