O2 launches mobile cloud platform

Jennifer Scott News
11 Jan, 2012

A joint partnership with FeedHenry will see the operator enable UK businesses to build their own mobile applications.

O2 today announced it was introducing a new mobile cloud development platform for businesses in the UK.

The mobile provider is partnering with FeedHenry – the company which created the platform – and together they will enable companies to develop their own mobile applications over the cloud and implement them across their business, be it on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7 or Nokia-based devices.

Apps can also be developed specifically for the mobile web, with standard web languages such as CSS, JavaScript and HTML5 provided for.

“Demand for mobile application development and management solutions has exploded as businesses of all types and sizes recognise the importance of mobile apps in driving business success,” states Cathal McGloin, chief executive (CEO) of FeedHenry. 

“Telefónica [O2’s parent company] and FeedHenry help businesses accelerate their mobile initiatives with a comprehensive cloud platform solution that is cost-effective, secure and scalable.”

A pilot scheme for the platform was launched in Ireland last year and attracted high profile customers, such as Aer Lingus. Telefonica now wants to introduce the service to the UK before rolling it out across the rest of the countries it has a presence in.

“We’ve enjoyed great success launching a similar platform in Ireland earlier this year and already list Aer Lingus, Diageo and PWC among our customers,” said Matthew Key, chairman and CEO of Telefónica Digital.

“This partnership will be welcome news for any organisation that recognises the power of mobile apps and how they can drive increased revenue, boost employee productivity and enhance the overall customer experience.”

The cloud platform is set to roll-out in the UK within this quarter and O2 charge a subscription fee for usage.

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