Horizon 6 release beefs up VMware's end user computing ambitions

VMware looking to help companies manage a scaleable fleet of virtual machines

VMware has released its new end-user focused computer suite, Horizon 6.

The suite will enable customers to deliver apps and manage virtual desktops from the same program and will be a part of the company’s push towards greater mobility.

Incorporating tech from Wanova, the desktop management firm VMware acquired in 2012, Horizon 6 is designed to alleviate the problems of running a fleet of virtual computers.

Streamlined backup and synching tools will allow users to access their VMs on different devices, including mobiles and tablets, claims VMware.

Sysadmins will get a new vCenter Operations for View tool which will aid them in keeping an eye on in-house app stores, permissions and other interactions within the network. Horizon 6 also integrates with VSAN, utilising the array’s quick-scaling abilities for companies that wish to grow their virtual fleet of PCs quickly.

“This is a big deal for customers looking for a cost-effective alternative to supporting end users who may just need access to a few applications across mobile devices or remote locations,” said Courtney Burry, director of product marketing within the End-User Computing at VMware, in a blog post.

“But this release is not just about apps and making end user access a whole lot easier, it’s also about ensuring that IT organisations everywhere can streamline and automate desktop and application management and ultimately drive down costs.”

Horizon 6 could be seen as a direct challenge to Citrix, as it performs the same amount of actions in one product as two of VMware's Florida-based rival – XenDesktop and XenApp.

“We are excited about Horizon 6,” said Burry. “In fact this is - by far - the biggest release the desktop team at VMware has pulled together to date.”

Horizon 6 arrives in three additions: Standard, Advanced and Enterprise.

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