Azul launches management tool to support Zing upgrade

Java specialist Azul Systems has launched a new tool to manage its Java deployments

Azul Systems has released a new tool designed to monitor the effectiveness of an application running under Java.

jHiccup allows enterprises to ensure the smooth running of applications by measuring the pauses or stalls . According to Azul’s CEO, Scott Sellers, the new tool will handle many issues faced by enterprises running applications in the cloud. “If you have problems in the application, how do you debug that workload?” he asked, pointing out that Azul’s jHiccup has no impact on the performance of the application. “Our tools have been designed to be non-impactful of the application itself.”

The launch of jHiccup closely follows the release of the latest version of Zing, Azul’s enterprise Java Virtual Machine. Zing 5.0 has been designed to support Linux environments, which, as Sellers pointed out, made it particularly attractive for cloud deployment, where Linux is extensively used as an operating system. “Most of the new Java deployments were Linux based,” said Sellers. “So we have optimised Zing specifically for Linux – it’s been very well received.”

 The company claims that Zing is the only JVM  that supports application instances exceeding 512 GBs of memory with pauseless operation, so customers can use fewer instances in their Java deployments.

 Sellers said that Zing was a good fit with Linux. “We take advantage of the way that Linux manages its resources and fully exploit its capabilities, other JVMs cannot do this.” He added that Zing’s main competitor was the Oracle-owned Hotspot, but that had not been designed for enterprise use, “Hotspot was not designed for the type of the workloads met within the enterprise.”

And Zing will be particularly important when it comes to meeting the demands of Virtual Cloudsviders. “When you’re a Virtual Cloudsvider that uses Zing, you’re more
scalabe and better at delivering response time to your own end users,” he said. “If you’re not using Zing, you have a range of difficulties.”

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