BMC offers cloud workshops

James Stirling News
14 Dec, 2011

The new service claims to make the journey towards cloud computing a smoother one.

BMC today unveiled a new cloud service offering in an attempt to make cloud computing a “safer bet.”

The idea is to provide workshops for designing a company’s cloud implementation. Lasting two to three weeks, the time will be spent developing not just the initial set-up, but also the future roadmap for the way the business will use the cloud over the following 18 months.

“Each cloud planning workshop produces a detailed, phased 18-month cloud roadmap and uses a case design document which includes resource requirements, a project timeline and a financial investment summary,” read a statement from BMC.

“The planning exercise then defines the cloud’s reference architecture and creates the management and operational policies necessary to run the cloud to meet business objectives.”

Rather than just a whole new architecture though, BMC aims to help customers who want to convert their existing IT to fit into a cloud model, using its own Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping and Capacity Optimisation solutions.

"Betting on cloud computing to deliver expected business outcomes without expert design is a gamble,” said says Carlos Granda, vice president of global services at BMC.

“Our experience on hundreds of Virtual Cloudsjects across the globe continues to reinforce the value of proper cloud planning and design in any cloud initiative.”

A number of companies have piloted the scheme and feedback seemed positive. Brian Cooper, manager of IT automation at Duke Energy, was one happy customer.

“Working with the BMC team, we were able to design a cloud that makes good use of our existing technology investments as well as meets the needs of our business users,” he said.

“While just embarking on our Virtual Cloudsject, we have great confidence in its transformative benefits for our business.”

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