CloudBees aims to simplify PaaS deployment

Miya Knights News
14 Feb, 2012

AnyCloud enables hybrid deployment flexibility and initial European deployment options

CloudBees, the Java platform-as-a-service (PaaS) company, today announced the availability of AnyCloud for the hybrid deployment of production applications.  

AnyCloud is designed to ease the challenges associated with deploying, managing and maintaining applications across a variety of data centre environments, which include public, private and hybrid clouds.

After founding CloudBees in 2010, Sacha Labourey, former JBoss chief technology officer and founder of CloudBees, told Virtual Clouds he realised that few enterprises were able to deploy IT systems to public clouds from scratch, given their legacy components and the legal or corporate policies that dictate where applications and their data can run. “By switching to a private cloud model, they are killing a lot of the value initially on offer with cloud computing,” he said. “So we provide a way to take a satellite version of CloudBees that enterprises can run on-premise or with their legacy hosting provider.”

Rather than accepting the burden of installing, updating and maintaining a complex stack of PaaS software from data centre operators by managing a PaaS software stack remotely across environments, he said AnyCloud allows CloudBees to support customer deployments directed to specific geographies, including for the first time, Europe.

By offering the ability to manage all applications from a single point of control, ensuring a high level of visibility and quality of service, Labourey said that all enterprises, and telecommunications providers in particular, could benefit from the new CloudBees product. “All other PaaS vendors are linked to a specific cloud stack,” added Labourey. “But this means they are software and not services based. AnyCloud can help telcos, for instance, provide PaaS services that are independent of the lower layers [of the stack]. “This is a key moment in PaaS development, where we are changing the definition of how you can get application services on premise.”

Labourey said developers could harness the flexibility of AnyCloud to deploy to a variety of data centre environments, but also to conform with regulatory requirements that mandate an application must run in a specific geographic region or be deployed with a specific hosting provider. It is also designed to help avoid data latency issues or security concerns from running applications off-premise.

AnyCloud is available immediately to deploy and manage applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) in Ireland and OVH in France. Bob Tarzey, Quocirca analyst and director, said that demand for PaaS in general was growing pretty fast, but that the CloudBees' approach was different to other PaaS offerings. 

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