Platform as a Service 'on the cusp' of growth says Gartner

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2 Feb, 2012
Natis: PaaS market on the cusp
Natis: PaaS market on the cusp

Analyst firm Gartner claims the next few years will see significant growth for PaaS market.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) may be the quietest of the cloud computing bunch, but it is set to make its mark in the coming years, according to leading analysts.

Gartner claimed PaaS was the "core layer" of cloud computing, being the starting destiantion of many developments, and those yet to engage with the model would be left behind in its future years of growth.

"With large and growing vendor investment in PaaS, the market is on the cusp of several years of strategic growth, leading to innovation and likely breakthroughs in technology and business use of all of cloud computing," said Yefim Natis, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

"Users and vendors of enterprise IT software solutions that are not yet engaged with PaaS must begin building expertise in PaaS or face tough challenges from competitors in the coming years."

A report by Gartner, entitled PaaS 2012: Tactical Risks and Strategic Rewards, claimed the last 12 months had been "pivotol" for PaaS as more vendors got on-board and began to endorse it over traditional middleware offerings.

However, getting adoption rates up is another task entirely and 2012 will need to find cheerleaders for the cause to help alleviate fears of putting middleware into the cloud.

 "The tension between the short-term risk and the long-term strategic imperative of PaaS will define the key developments in the PaaS market during the next two to three years," added Natis.

It will take until 2013 for all the major vendors to have a PaaS play though, according to Gartner, and a further three years before competition kicks in to inspire new standards and market leaders.

"While there are clear risks associated with the use of services in the new and largely immature PaaS market, the risk of avoiding the PaaS market is equally high," concluded Natis.

"The right strategy for most mainstream IT organisations and software vendors is to begin building familiarity with the new cloud computing opportunities by adopting some PaaS services now, albeit with the understanding of their limitations and with the expectation of ongoing change in the market offerings and use patterns."

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