Amazon offers Windows Server free in the cloud

James Stirling News
17 Jan, 2012

Customers can now get up to 750 hours of Microsoft’s Windows Server 2008 R2 on AWS’ Free Usage Tier.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) confirmed this week users could now access 750 hours of Microsoft Windows Server for free on its cloud.

This means customers running applications on Windows Server 2008 R2 can now transfer them to AWS’ Free Usage Tier and get to grips with the cloud model at no cost to the business.

Since the AWS free tier launch in 2010, users could only run virtual servers based on Linux deployments. By introducing Windows Server into the mix, not only does it offer more options for customers, but it beats what Microsoft offers on its Windows Azure platform – three months free before a subscription fee comes into play.

As a result, AWS also hopes to tempt some of the .NET developers over to its side and away from Microsoft’s Windows Azure, meaning it gets in early with applications that could multiply in size and bring in more revenue for the cloud giant in the future.

As well as either free Windows Server or Linux, AWS’ free tier also offers customers access to Amazon’s S3 and Elastic Block Store storage, load-balancing and its SimpleDB database.

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