Battle for PaaS supremacy set to “engulf” industry

Dan Hatch News
21 Mar, 2011

Leading analyst claims Platform-as-a-Service will become a key battleground for providers in 2011.

Get set for a battle of the Platform-as-a-Service vendors as new products are launched and key players battle for market supremacy in 2011, a leading analyst firm has claimed.

This year is also likely to produce plenty of innovation and new vendors entering the PaaS market, Gartner said.

Gartner vice president and analyst Yefim Natis claimed this week the battle for leadership in PaaS and key PaaS segments would “engulf the software industry”.

“It will be harder to find a consistent message, standards or clear-winning vendors,” he said.

The nature of the offerings was also likely to change from specialised models into suites of services which “target the prevailing use patterns for PaaS”, Natis said.

Longer term, the analyst said he believed comprehensive PaaS suites would be designed to deliver a combination of most specialised forms of PaaS in one integrated offering. He said companies were more likely to use a hybrid model, allowing them to maintain both cloud and on-premise systems, than take their business totally into the cloud.

Gartner claimed that by 2015 most businesses would be using PaaS services either directly or indirectly because at least some of their operational software was likely to be located in the cloud.

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