Keytree brings S/4 HANA to 1,500 Greggs bakeries

Keytree and Greggs have worked closely in the bakery's digital transformation project

Greggs has recruited the expertise of tech consultancy and integrator Keytree to help roll out its SAP S/4 HANA platform to 1,500 of stores and regional management teams.

Greggs first decided to use SAP in 2014, when it moved its ERP to SAP HANA with Keytree's aid. Then, in 2015, Greggs successfully rolled out SAP IS-Retail in 2015 to improve the company's stock forecasting and replenishment with a redesigned shop UI and training of 16,000 staff.

Now, as the third phase of its business transformation process, the company has decided to turn its attention to senior management, ensuring they are able to reduce waste and improve product availability in stores.

"We have made huge progress as we transform and centralise the business," Roger Whiteside, chief executive, Greggs said. "We are investing over £25 million in processes and systems that will enable us to compete more effectively in the fast-moving food-on-the-go market. We have already seen substantial change throughout our estate as we simplify operations to deliver great tasting food and a great retail experience.”

The bakery's programme manager for SAP transformation explained that although the project has always been ambitious, working with Keytree has made it more achievable. The company now has plans to build on its relationship with the tech consultancy, with a roadmap that includes examining how efficiency savings can be made in the company's production and warehousing elements of the supply chain.

“This latest deployment has yielded further significant results for Greggs and really demonstrates how technology can support transforming a business," Andrew Miller, Keytree director, said. "Shop-by-shop improvements of product availability and waste has a significant impact across the estate, which leads to big improvements for Greggs overall – a great example of cutting edge technology and true collaboration.

Main image credit: Greggs

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