National Theatre moves to the cloud to prepare for GDPR

It has appointed Forcepoint to help it comply with the new legislation

The National Theatre has chosen cyber-security business Forcepoint to help it move to the cloud in preparation for GDPR, it has revealed, choosing the expert to ensure it's fully prepared for the changes in legislation.

The organisation said it required the expertise of Forcepoint to ensure its infrastructure is secure across the entire business, including operations, the sale of tickets and the ongoing strategy to keep loyal theatregoers coming back to watch productions at the British institution.

To help it meet its objectives, Forcepoint was recruited to implement a system providing complete visibility into data security and an advanced warning system if any data is at risk of being compromised. It has implemented its Web Security Cloud solution to make sure it ticks all the boxes, identifying risks in real time and analysing behaviour to make sure threats are highlighted before they could become a problem.

The National Theatre has also implemented other changes to help comply with GDPR, including new staff resources and processes to manage the framework.

“The GDPR impacts our entire security portfolio so it’s crucial that we are in good position when it rolls out next year,” said George Tunnicliffe, head of IT operations at The National Theatre. “With Forcepoint as the cloud security platform, our strategy is to take into consideration employee behaviour as well as technology that protects our end-users, our IT department, and our actual business and data.”

Businesses of all sizes and in all sectors need to realise that GDPR will affect every strand of their business, even if they don't think they will be affected by the incoming legislation, explained Forcepoint.

“Many of our customers like the National Theatre are faced with security challenges that cannot be solved solely with technology," Neil Thacker, deputy chief information security officer at Forcepoint said.

"Both end-users and employees pose a challenge and an opportunity for organisations to properly manage their critical data and IP. Understanding the relationships between the behaviour and motivations of employees and their data is becoming a strategic requirement for a contemporary security plan.”

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