Huawei lays claim to world’s largest desktop cloud

Jennifer Scott News
20 Feb, 2012

The Chinese telecoms firm reveals 45,000 of its engineers use desktop virtualisation

Huawei has given its backing to desktop virtualisation, revealing 45,000 of its own engineers use the technology.

The Chinese telecoms company only began to use desktop virtualisation in 2009, starting the roll-out at its research and development centre in Shanghai.

However, its sucessful implementation and positive feedback from users made Huawei turn the initial deployment into an entire programme, called the Huawei Desktop Cloud.

"Compared to conventional desktop technology, it is estimated that using a desktop cloud can save businesses 30 per cent of a traditional investment and conserve 73 per cent in power consumption, as well as maximise the facility's CPU with an increase of 60 per cent capacity, from five per cent,” claimed Huawei.

“Deployment time is also reduced for the desktop cloud from three months to one week.”

Enginers working for the firm can now access their information from anywhere and Huawei claims having all the data at a central location, rather than on each PC, has improved information security.

It has also boosted engineer productivity as well, enabling IT department employees to manage up to 1,000 virtual desktops compared to 100 PCs.

It is not just Huawei employees benefiting though. The company now offers its Desktop Cloud over 100,000 users across 30 countries. Telecoms is not the only industry to get involved, with education, healthcare and even Government and finance using the technology.

Desktop virtualisation has continued to build momentum over the past year and a recent report from Vanson Bourne claimed the UK was still topping the list for adoption.

The same report also claimed VMware was the most popular solution, followed by Citrix and Microsoft.


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