Nimbula updates Director OS, adds VMware support

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17 Feb, 2012
Pinkham: An important mileston
Pinkham: An important mileston

Claims to bring “Amazon EC2-like functionality” to users with latest version of cloud OS

Nimbula has this week issued a bold claim with the release of the latest version of its cloud operating system (OS), Nimbula Director version 2.0.

The company said it has responded to customer requests, saying that the addition of support for VMware’s hypervisor will deliver “Amazon EC2-like functionality”.

Chris Pinkham, Nimbula co-founder and chief executive, stated: “Nimbula Director 2.0 is an important milestone and huge leap forward for us and our customers.”

Nimbula Director v2.0 now supports VMware’s ESXi hypervisor and Cloud Foundry platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offering, while the company is now a member of VMware’s Technology Alliance Program (TAP).

The vendor said it had opened up its OS to third parties who can provide network, data, platform-as-a-service (PaaS) or other cloud services. This extensibility is designed to allow their services and custom logic to be embedded into the cloud, and run as though Nimbula wrote them. Using Nimbula Director’s multi-tenancy and network security functionality, it said services would therefore be easier to integrate, manage and presents to cloud tenants.

Nimbula Director has also extended its control management into the end user application space. This will enable customer to orchestrate the provisioning of complex applications and have the system monitor and manage applications over their lifetimes, removing the need to alter applications separately to the control plane.

This release also completes the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) networking feature set of the OS, which also includes DHCP, NAT, firewall and VLAN services. This, according to Nimbula, enables self-service network configuration, decreasing provisioning times and lowering the burden from both enterprise IT staff and service providers.

Nimbula has also released what it claims to be the only production-ready cloud infrastructure solution. To achieve this, it said it is introducing a distributed backend database using a SELinux base for its node software and more enterprise systems management functionality as well as adding quota management to build on its last release and particularly target distributed cloud management.

Roy Illsley, principal analyst at Ovum, said the addition of VMware support to this release was important and necessary step for Nimbula.

“The private cloud market is a effectively a three horse race from the hypervisor position; VMware, MS, and Citrix, with a raft of others but KVM is a leading open source contender,” he told Virtual Clouds. “Therefore, for Nimbula this was a no brainer, it had to support VMware otherwise it was not going to be a serious player in the private cloud space.”

He added that this also helps with the hybrid cloud market, as those service providers that want to offer portable services between internal and external clouds must use VMware: “Most internal clouds are built on it so to win business here they also need to support the same platform.”

Nimbula Director 2.0 is currently in beta and is expected to be generally available in March 2012. The new release will be a free update for existing users. For deployments on infrastructure up to and including 40 cores, Nimbula licences its OS free of charge, with a paid support option. Annual subscription options kick in after 40 cores and include maintenance and support.

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