Citrix celebrates 18 per cent hike in revenues

James Stirling News
26 Jan, 2012

With $619 million of revenues for the quarter and $2.21 billion for the year, Citrix ends 2011 on a high.

Citrix today revealed its fourth quarter results, as well as its figures for fiscal year 2011, showing positive rises in revenues and earnings.

For the fourth quarter of the year, revenues rose to $619 million (£394 million) – up 17 per cent from $530 million in 2010 – leaving smiles on the executive’s faces.

But the grins grew wider when the full year results came in, showing revenues of $2.21 billion for 2011 – up 18 per cent from 2010’s $1.87 billion.

Net income also saw substantial rises, with Citrix bringing in $109 million for the quarter – up for $94 million in 2010 – and $356 million for the year – up from £277 million.

“This was a great quarter to cap another record year,” said Mark Templeton, president and chief executive (CEO) of Citrix.

He claimed a broader range of products and more channel partners has provided his company with more opportunities to bring in the deals.

“I’m pleased with how the team’s great execution across strategy, innovation and operations has delivered growth in both revenue and profit.”

Other figures revealed in the earnings call included a 21 per cent rise in revenue from its Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings, a 34 per cent rise in technical services revenue and a 12 per cent rise for revenues across Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

Citrix also unveiled its predictions for the upcoming year, saying it expected between $555 million and $565 million of revenue in the first quarter and between $2.49 billion and $2.51 billion of revenue for the whole of 2012.

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