Citrix goes after Android tablets

James Stirling News
21 Dec, 2011

The virtualisation firm offers its mobile portfolio on tablets running Google’s Android OS.

Citrix today announced a number of its mobile products were being made available on Android tablets.

Despite the Google mobile operating system (OS) being the world’s number one choice – Gartner claimed in November it runs on 52 per cent of smartphones – it is still not widely viewed as a business product.

However, Citrix may help buck the trend, introducing its GoToMyPC – for accessing your PC remotely – onto tablets running the Android OS.

On top of this, it today released Citrix Receiver – a software client for virtualisation – also on Android tablets, with extra soft token security from RSA and Citrix CloudGateway support.

“Enterprises are being flooded with employee requests to support new mobile devices, especially as more companies are adopting a ‘bring your own device’ policy in response to employee demand for anywhere anytime access to corporate networks from their personal devices,” said Brett Caine, senior vice president of Citrix Online Services Division.

“The new mobile applications are designed to enable organisations to simply and cost-effectively grant employees the secure mobile productivity and flexibility they need.”

Citrix also announced updates for all tablets with the XenApp 6.5 Mobility Pack. The offering, which was previewed at Citrix Synergy in October, allows users to access their desktops from a tablet but have a smooth and fully optimised experience. It automatically recognises which mobile OS the device is running and enables features specific to that tablet, such as auto-scrolling or on-screen keyboards.

The final announcement came in the shape of a software development kit (SDK) for XenApp Mobile Applications. It enables developers to specifically tailor their applications to be hosted on XenApp and take advantage of tablet features, such as cameras, to enhance the software.  

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