Amazon S3 storing 762 billion objects

James Stirling News
31 Jan, 2012

The cloud giant aims for gasps today as it reveals the latest figures for its storage offering.

Amazon today announced its cloud storage product was playing host to 762 billion objects.

The figure for Amazon’s Simple Storage Service – known as Amazon S3 – has risen by 500 billion from last year, equating to a 192 per cent year-on-year growth.

It has made huge leaps each year since it was launched in 2006, but the rise over the past 12 months was the largest in its history.  

As well as the huge amounts of stored data, the company also revealed it was processing more than 500,000 requests every second during peak periods for the objects it looked after.

Doubters may argue the object figure was due to a low deletion rate, but in a blog post, Jeff Barr, senior web services evangelist at Amazon, made sure to mention the new services brought in to aid the removal process – namely Multi-Object Deletion and Object Expiration.

Barr continued by issuing a call for new employees to help run the gigantic system.

“As you can imagine, building, running and adding new features to a system as large and as complex as S3 is no simple task,” he said.

Jobs available include software developers, systems engineers and even a director for Amazon S3.

Amazon S3 has many high profile customers, such as Dropbox and Ubuntu. However, the service also has less savoury characters, shown when it hit the news last week for hosting Facebook spammers.  

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