Microsoft brings SkyDrive to iPhone

Jennifer Scott News
14 Dec, 2011

Cloud storage from the Redmond giant is now available as an app for iOS devices.

Microsoft has launched its own cloud storage offering on Apple devices, the firm announced this week.

SkyDrive is now available through the App Store for iOS devices as a free download, enabling users to store and share files in the cloud.

Microsoft’s recent investment into HTML 5 means users can store any file type on SkyDrive, rather than just OneNote documents, and can share them directly via the iOS mail application.

“We realise that not everyone who relies on SkyDrive for sharing photos or accessing Office documents uses Windows Phone… yet,” wrote Mike Torres, group program manager of SkyDrive devices and roaming at Microsoft, on the Windows blog.

“[However], we believe you should have access to your personal content no matter which device you use. This is why we are excited to invest in HTML5—both on the web and on mobile [for] SkyDrive.”

The app will be available in 32 languages and is rolling out worldwide this week.

For users of Windows Phone 7.5 – codenamed Mango – Microsoft made improvements to the SkyDrive experience, integrating it into both the Pictures and Office hubs for better sharing and backup to the cloud.

However, the company claimed customers wanted more through their phones, so have released a SkyDrive app for them too.

“We found that many still want the full SkyDrive experience from Windows Phone, including tasks like browsing their entire SkyDrive, sharing links to folders or files, deleting files, and creating folders,” added Torres.

“Starting today, you can now use the new SkyDrive app on Windows Phone 7.5 to do more with your SkyDrive. It’s available in every country/region where we offer Windows Phone.”

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