6Fusion upgrades cloud management software

James Stirling News
23 Jan, 2012

Cloud management company 6Fusion is set to release a new version of its software

6fusion is set to release a new version of its UC6 cloud platform claiming that it would offer greater visibility into the cloud for its customers, enabling better management of resources.  The new version of the software is set to be revealed at the CloudExpo Europe event to be held in London later this week.

The new software will contain a number of new features including: a new user interface aimed simplifying the management of cloud resources, improved reporting, support for Mac users and improved account management to provide greater insight into different business accounts.

6fusion offers a way for companies to measure and assess the amount of cloud resources that are required for particular tasks. The technology is based on a proprietary algorithm, the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC) which is used within the UC6 Cloud Management Platform providing information of private data centre and third party cloud operators, through a single console

“6fusion’s latest release makes big strides toward our goal of removing the complexity behind cloud infrastructure as a barrier for everyday commercial use.” said 6fusion co-founder and CEO John Cowan.



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