Rick Hudson dies aged 53

Jennifer Scott News
13 Jan, 2012

CEO of Star is survived by his wife, two children and a company in mourning.

Rick Hudson, the chief executive (CEO) of cloud service provider Star, has died unexpectedly aged just 53.

Hudson leaves behind his wife and two children, as well as a growing company in shock at the loss of an “inspirational leader.”

He joined Star in 2008 following high profile roles as CEO of Telecity and vice president at Cable and Wireless. Notably, at his first company Digital Equipment, he became the youngest ever district manager aged only 29.

Paul Watson, previously Star’s chief operating officer (COO), has taken on the role of CEO on an interim basis, telling Virtual Clouds the company was “saddened but resolute.”

“Rick was a man of massive integrity and strong values,” said Watson. “Although he was a hugely confident leader, this confidence was not anchored in arrogance but instead was steeped in compassion for his fellow colleagues at all levels of the business.”

“He would always put his people before the business numbers because he knew it was the right thing to do.  By doing the right things he knew the numbers would look after themselves – and they did.”

Watson revealed the as-yet unpublished results from 2011 were the best the company had ever had, with new sales hitting £12 million, overall revenues of more than £45 million and a 312 per cent increase in earnings.

“We will miss his drive, insights, guidance and compassion but more importantly the camaraderie of a great man and a good friend,” added Watson.  

Virtual Clouds sends its condolences to all of Rick’s family and friends.

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