AWS brings Direct Connect to the UK

Jennifer Scott News
11 Jan, 2012

Amazon enables business to circumvent the internet and connect straight to its Dublin data centre.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced it was bringing its Direct Connect offering to UK shores.

Direct Connect enables customers to buy their own network connection straight into AWS’ data centre, rather than using the public internet to transfer their information.

By having a dedicated network, AWS claims users will have lower bandwidth costs – especially important for high volume applications – and better performance.

However, the key for many looking to adopt cloud services will be the added security it provides, keeping a company’s data away from the prying eyes of the public internet.

The cloud giant already offers this service in the US East Region, as well as Silicon Valley, but now UK customers can have the same capabilities to link them to AWS’ Dublin data centre.

The dedicated networks will run through Telecity’s Sovereign House in London and can be connected to a company’ office, data centre or co-location base.

The UK isn’t the only region gaining this new service, with the US West, Asia Pacific (Tokyo) and Asia Pacific (Singapore) also having access to Direct Connect from today. More locations are planned for 2012 but no details have been released as to where yet.

To sign up to Direct Connect, you will need to fill out this form and AWS aims to get back to you within one working day.

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