OnLive Desktop brings Windows to iPad

Jennifer Scott News
10 Jan, 2012

The cloud gaming company now offers Windows desktops from the cloud through the Apple AppStore.

OnLive has tried to increase the usability of Apple’s iPad for day to day work by introducing a Windows desktop onto the device.

By downloading a free application from the AppStore – available from 12 January – OnLive will allow customers to access a remote desktop running Windows 7 from its cloud servers and complete tasks in the familiar Microsoft environment.

Users will also be given 2GB of free storage in OnLive’s cloud, as well as the full Microsoft Office suite for productivity applications, such as Word and Excel.

Business users will not be satisfied with 2GB storage, however, and OnLive plans on launching a corporate version of the remote desktop – OnLive Desktop Pro – for a monthly fee of $9.99, although the UK launch date has yet to be confirmed.

Storage will go up to 50GB and companies will be able to get a priority service to access their data. But it still involves businesses trusting their data being held alongside consumer gaming content though, as the company is offering its spare data centre capacity to run OnLive Desktop, both for the casual or professional user.

Although the company is focusing on Apple’s dominant tablet first, OnLive will be looking at an Android version in the near future, as well as examining opportunities on other smart devices, such as televisions. 

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