NaviSite offers new DaaS with disaster recovery for peace of mind

Karrie Kehoe News
29 Feb, 2012

Managed services provider offers flexible DaaS for roll-out of virtualisation

Customers looking for that adiditional peace of mind are to be offered a new service from Navasite. The company's Desktop-as-a-Service, which has been created in conjunction with Desktone, has been designed to be foolproof as well as disaster proof.

The Virtual Cloudsduct is equipped with a built-in disaster recovery plan for customers looking for added security. Navisite said this meant that there would be back up versions of their data sitting in a data centre somewhere, if disaster struck..

User security and data privacy are another priority for the cloud managed services provider. NaviSite claimed the DaaS technology  had been built so that users could add and remove desktop applications, quickly without any additional costs.

Geared towards enterprises of all shapes and sizes, the company said the product was intended to be as cost effective as possible during these difficult economic times, while also providing remote access for users in all locations.

NaviSite claimed that without the costs of technology upgrades and lower capex and opex costs, the product was cost efficient.

Dennis Martin, executive vice president and chief-technical-officer at NaviSite has highlighted the security and financial flexibility offered by the product. He said, “cloud-based DaaS offers centralised, built-in business continuity and disaster recovery for the desktop at no additional cost.”

Chief executive of Desktone, Peter McKay saidDaaS was the easier option for businesses nowadays. McKay said, “DaaS takes the cost and complexity out of managing virtual desktops.”

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