Ireland offers financial incentives to be cloud hosting centre

The Irish government is reaching out to US cloud companies by offering financial incentives to use Ireland as base

There’s been plenty of talk about cloud computing being the green option, but how about it becoming the emerald isle option? This could soon become a reality thanks to a new initiative from the Industrial Development Agency (IDA) Ireland and Microsoft.

The two organisations have teamed up in a bid to attract US cloud computing companies to set up base in Ireland, providing a foothold into the lucrative European market.

US cloud computing companies will require a base within the European Union because of the EU data retention and privacy policies. A European foothold will also be useful for helping with any latency issues

The joint IDA Ireland and Microsoft will offer a combination of financial incentives and technology support from Microsoft. Ireland has been this way before, in the 80s and 90s the Irish government offered generous tax concessions to US IT companies to persuade them to establish their European headquarters in the country.

Barry O’Dowd, head of emerging technologies, IDA Ireland said, “Ireland is poised to become a global cloud centre of excellence due to our winning combination of talent, track record, tax regime and technology along with a significant software economy. Ireland is an ideal fit for the data centre requirements of foreign direct investors and we are already the European data centre location of choice for world leaders including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Adobe. IDA Ireland looks forward to partnering with new companies in the cloud space in order to help them find cost-effective and efficient solutions for all their cloud computing needs.’’

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