Infiniserv unveils UK cloud services

Jennifer Scott News
25 Jan, 2012

Virtual Private Server and Virtual Data Centre solutions will be joined by Elastic Cloud Computing later in the year.

Infiniserv today unveiled three new Virtual Cloudsducts, aiming to utilise its 40 data centres across the UK and its parent company’s (C4L) fibre network.

Speaking to Virtual Clouds at today’s Cloud Expo Europe in London, Matt Hawkins, managing director of Infiniserv, said: “Amazon has helped to get the profile of cloud computing up there. Now it is time for us to focus in and give the niches what they need.”

The first solution launched today was the Virtual Private Server (VPS). The offering will give customers a commodity option, with a pay-per-minute server for single projects and the ability to burst up or scale down, depending on their needs. Small businesses could use it to host a website or large organisations could take advantage of it for small projects, but all will run on a dedicated network from C4L.

Next up was the Virtual Data Centre (VDC). Rather than a single server, customers can provision all their hardware needs in Infiniserv’s data centres, but have more flexibility to expand up or down, as well as saving the cash from CAPEX costs. Users will have control of the location of their data, choosing from one of Infiniserv’s 40 data centres, and again, it will be connected by C4L’s network, removing the security and accessibility fears around the public internet.

The final announcement, Elastic Cloud Computing (ECC), enables organisations with varying needs for virtual servers to take advantage of the pay-per-minute model. Available for between 10 and several thousand servers, ECC is controlled via an API, enabling those who want to code their systems and scale up automatically to design what they need themselves.

The network from C4L is the clear differentiator though.

“We are traditionally a content network with one per cent of the UK’s backbone,” added Hawkins. “Thanks to the network we have, we have our own fibre so don’t charge bandwidth fees.”

“We also have significant failover options, with 300 associated ISPs and 14 core routers. We offer 100 per cent uptime and will give back five times the time lost if there are any outages. With our 100 per cent record though, we are confident.”

Whilst VPS and VDC are available from today – although both will be in beta for the first month – ECC is not set to launch for another three months, coinciding with a planned data centre launch in New York and Singapore. Another data centre in Amsterdam is due to open in February.

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