Cloud server sales set to rocket

Jennifer Scott News
17 Jan, 2012

Hardware keeps the cloud running and the servers providing the backbone will shift in great numbers this year, claims IHS iSuppli.

Cloud data centres are on the rise and the number of servers designed for cloud environments are set for a surge in sales.

This is the claim of analyst firm IHS iSuppli, which today released a report saying the number of servers shipped to provide cloud computing would double this year when compared to shipments in 2010.

In its Compute Platform topical report, the analysts claimed 460,000 units were shipped in 2010, rising to 647,000 in 2011. However, it believes the next 12 months will see 875,000 units shipped, with increases of between 23 and 30 per cent through until 2015.

Despite the figures sounding impressive, cloud servers will still be a relatively small portion of the overall server market. In 2010, the 460,000 only equalled five per cent of shipments and, even with the predicted increase, they will only be responsible for 15 per cent by 2015.

However, virtualisation is the key technology here and, as companies continue to add more and more virtual servers onto one box, less physical servers will be required.

But, with the rise of the consumer cloud – thanks to Apple’s iCloud and the AcerCloud – as well as large scale enterprise deployments and even the public sector getting onboard, most would agree with the analysts – cloud servers are set to sell.

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