Virtustream acquires cloud brokerage firm Enomaly

IaaS provider Virtustream has acquired Canadian company Enomaly, owner of SpotCloud

There’s money in brokering cloud services. Certainly that’s the view of IaaS vendor, Virtustream which has snapped up Canadian company Enomaly, owner of cloud brokerage business SpotCloud.

Enomaly was primarily known as an IaaS provider before launching SpotCloud earlier this year. SpotCloud is designed to be a clearing house for cloud services where companies can trade excess compute and storage capacity, with SpotCloud acting as the middleman in the deal.

While SpotCloud has attracted plenty of attention and thousands of interested customers, there have been concerns about the security of the product. Virtustream is set to address these: the company will delay the production launch of SpotCloud 1.0, (currently in beta) in order to enhance its robustness and security. In addition, Virtustream is to enhance SpotCloud's workload exchange with the xStream Infrastructure Unit (IU).

Enomaly founder and CEO  Reuven Cohen believed that the two companies would be complementary, “"We have talked to every emerging player in the space and believe Virtustream has both the IP and the people to be the leader in cloud technology solutions geared for the complex enterprise," said Cohen.

Apart from the attraction of SpotCloud, Enomaly has a strong presence in the fast-growing Chinese market. Virtuastream entered into a partnership with Xybase to drive cloud adoption in south-east Asia market and the Enomaly acquisition will help accelerate that.

Enomaly has gained its most significant market traction in AsiaPac, specifically China," said Rodney Rogers, chairman and CEO of Virtustream. "This acquisition allows us to leverage their customer base in this region and to expand upon it by bringing these customers a much broader capability set with the xStream Cloud Platform."

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