Amazon rolls out ElastiCache to Europe

Jennifer Scott News
6 Dec, 2011

Just over three months after launch, the cloud giant offers speedier data recovery to four more regions.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) today announced it would be rolling out its ElastiCache capabilities to four more regions, including EU West – based in its Dublin data centre.

The company launched ElastiCache back in August for its US East region – run from Northern Virginia – enabling users to speed up the retrieval of information from web applications by introducing caching technologies.

Rather than running their own in-house caching programmes, customers could implement cache clusters onto their web apps and have the ability to scale memory up or down through the number of cache nodes deployed, depending on workload needs.

The cache nodes, running Memcached software, were also automatically replaced if one failed in order to guarantee better uptime.

As well as EU West, the capabilities are now available in US East – from North California – and both the Singapore and Tokyo Asia Pacific regions.

In addition to the availability, AWS also announced new features for developers. They can now use the AWS CloudFormation template to provision, configure and deploy their cache clusters.

The new features are available immediately.

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