Tableau lets users bridge to on-premise data

The company also announces the general availability of Tableau 10.3

Tableau has introduced Tableau Bridge, a new feature allowing customers of its Online platform to access their data on-premise without having to move it to the cloud in order to perform a live data query.

Available now in beta, the innovation will make it easier for businesses to embrace a hybrid infrastructure without the worry their data is insecure or without any extra investment, Tableau claimed. That's because it allows customers to use their existing on-premise databases.

“Organisations want to do more with the vast data they have at their disposal,” said Francois Ajenstat, chief product officer at Tableau. “It’s not just simple analysis our customers are looking seeking, it’s the power to unlock all of their data with ease and efficiency."

Alongside Tableau Bridge for Tableau Online customers, the company also announced the general availability of its updated platform, Tableau 10.3, which focuses on data-driven alerts to help businesses stay on top of their key metrics and smart table and join recommendations, which uses machine learning to work out what's relevant and what's not.

"With smart recommendations, customers can get to the right data faster than ever - without having to spend time finding the right tables and joins. And with proactive monitoring of key metrics through features like data driven alerts, they can take action immediately and be more agile.”

Tableau also detailed PDF Connector, which allows businesses to connect to more than 75 data sources via 66 connectors including PDF Connector, Amazon Athena, ServiceNow, MongoDB, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, enabling companies to extract data from a wider range of sources.

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