Cloud-based email could solve issues surrounding universal access, server space and pesky upgrades. With some, however, it would raise questions of security. An organisation’s most sensitive information can be stored in its emails – just ask James Murdoch.  

But Virtual Cloudsviders have seen the opportunity to add value – with high-level encryption services, for example, that may otherwise have been prohibitively expensive. For some considering moving to the cloud, a hybrid solution is the answer – keeping servers in-house but having a Virtual Cloudsvider run spam and virus filters. The top consideration for most, however, remains financial savings – particularly if faced with a company merger or major upgrade.

Google Meet in Gmail

Gmail overhaul aims to reduce worker reliance on Slack and Zoom

16 Jul, 2020
Bobby Hellard

The tech giant is adding greater collaboration between Gmail, Chats and Meets for business G Suite users

Office 365

Microsoft will let end-users revoke encrypted emails in Office 365

12 May, 2020
Carly Page

Office 365 Message Encryption will be expanded in the fourth quarter of 2020

Google's Meet to be integrated with Gmail

17 Apr, 2020
Sabina Weston

Meet will also get a Zoom-like layout displaying up to 16 call participants at once

National Portrait Gallery hit by 350,000 email attacks in three months

10 Feb, 2020
Bobby Hellard

Majority of attacks said to be targeting employee accounts and associates of the gallery

GCHQ warns against Windows 7 for email, banking

13 Jan, 2020
Nicole Kobie

Windows 7 shouldn't be used for sensitive tasks once it hits end of life, says the NCSC

Email prison

Why should we have to pay a ransom for old email accounts?

19 Nov, 2019
Barry Collins

With other free and low-cost hosting options available, holding onto old broadband addresses makes little sense

Microsoft cloud

Microsoft Teams now ‘bigger than Slack’

12 Jul, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

The industry giant claims the platform has three million more active daily users than its main rival

Screenshot of the web-based Outlook's new dark mode UI

Microsoft spruces up Outlook in a bid to catch up with major G Suite upgrades

5 Jul, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

Revamped email platform features dark mode, snoozing and a new UI

outlook app on phone hack much worse than initially thought

15 Apr, 2019
Bobby Hellard

Microsoft says a "limited subset of consumer accounts" were accessed via compromised credentials, but reports suggest it's much worse

The logo for Google Plus split into two

Google Plus back from the dead as ‘Google Currents’ enterprise workspace app

12 Apr, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

The Facebook Workplace rival, launched in beta, serves as a like-for-like Google Plus replacement for business users

Gmail applications on various devices

AMP for Gmail launches in bid to boost productivity

27 Mar, 2019
Connor Jones

It's been over a year in the pipeline, but Google Cloud's open source project will soon grace your inbox

Best free email backup tools

25 Feb, 2019
Wayne Williams

A look at some of the easiest to use tools for saving your essential data

Mozilla planning revamped Thunderbird for 2019

3 Jan, 2019
Keumars Afifi-Sabet

Half a dozen new hires and better Gmail support are on the roadmap

twilio logo

Twilio acquires SendGrid to add email capabilities

16 Oct, 2018
Bobby Hellard

The two communication companies will merge to offer a one-stop communication platform for developers

The best free ways to share large files online

18 Sep, 2018
Steve Clark

How to send massive files online when email and NFC just won't cut it

How to make your email hack-proof

13 Sep, 2018
Wayne Williams

How to secure your inbox, enhance your mail and unlock secret codes

Best desktop email clients 2018

21 Jun, 2018
Jonathan Parkyn

Email clients make backing up easier, don't impose any storage limits, and are available offline. Here are our favourites

How to deploy and manage Google's G Suite

7 Jun, 2018
Anthony Lawrence

Looking for an easy-to-manage cloud-based application suite? Anthony Lawrence introduces Google's G Suite

Best email apps for iPhone and Android

1 Jun, 2018
Adam Shepherd Jonathan Parkyn Aaron Lee Clare Hopping

We round up the best Android and iOS email apps to help you manage your inbox like a pro

CLOUD Act brings Microsoft's US data privacy court spat to an end

4 Apr, 2018
Jane McCallion

DoJ and Redmond giant ask Supreme Court to dismiss Irish data centre case