TSB chooses Microsoft's cloud for enhanced collaboration

365 Enterprise will help employees work together, while Dynamics 365 will help service customers better

TSB has implemented Microsoft 365 Enterprise and Microsoft Dynamics 365 to boost collaboration among its 8,500 employees situated in the UK and to help customers interact with the bank across its corporate centres and branches.

The company's staff will be able to make use of Microsoft 365 Enterprise's cross-platform functionalities, ensuring they can collaborate in the office and from home or any other destination if they work remotely.

Because the financial sector is so highly regulated, it was essential for TSB to choose a product that has security at its core to ensure customer data is protected at all times.

“For the financial services industry, security is a paramount concern on everyone’s mind when evaluating where to make their IT investments," Brad Anderson, corporate vice-president of enterprise mobility at Microsoft, said.

"With Microsoft’s trusted cloud services, TSB is placing itself at the forefront of innovation by creating safe and seamless experiences for employees and customers. By using Microsoft 365 Enterprise, TSB can operate confidently knowing they have the most advanced security measures in place, as well as the very best collaboration tools with Office 365."

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will give TSB's in-branch staff access to the key insights they need to improve customer satisfaction. It will be used to manage customer contacts too, ensuring whenever a customer enters the branch for services, the employee will be able to get a complete view of them, specifically matching products and services to their needs.

"This is a major step for a UK high street bank and is an integral part of TSB’s pioneering approach to banking," Carlos Abarca, chief information officer at TSB, added. "We are looking forward to rolling out Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 to our employees later this year, giving them the tools they need and want for today’s agile world.”

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