Azure power outage leads to CloudStore going off-line

James Stirling News
29 Feb, 2012

The government-run CloudStore has suffered after first outage after a reported problem with Azure

The government’s recently launched CloudStore has suffered its first hiccup. The site went down earlier today and, at time of writing, is still unavailable. The government-run apps store went live last week with 1,700 apps from 257 suppliers on an Azure platform.

And it’s the Azure platform that’s been the problem. A tweet from the official G-Clous Twitter account said, “ Power outage on microsoft azure means #cloudstore is temporarily unavailable. Patch being applied so will update when normal service resumed”

G-Cloud director, Chris Chant, also confirmed that the team was looking to restore service. The outage couldn’t have come at a more unfortunate time for Microsoft, in an interview with Computerworld UK, Chant confirmed that the next iteration of CloudStore would be open source. Chant has previously made plain his admiration for the open-source built portal.

At time of writing, the CloudStore website was still down.

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