Cisco ruled out as Virtual Cloudsvider

Jennifer Scott News
27 Feb, 2012

'We don't want to compete with our service provider customers,' claims Cisco executive

Cisco is making a lot of noise in the cloud space right now, but has denied it will ever offer its own public cloud service.

During an interview with Virtual Clouds at this week's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Murali Nemani, senior director of service provider mobility marketing at Cisco, claimed his firm didn't want to be like HP and go into direct competition with its own customers.

"We work with service providers to build out their clouds and we work with enterprises to build their own clouds; those are our primary routes to market," he said.

"We don't want to compete with service providers like a HP or Amazon."

Despite owning all the infrastructure with its UCS range to build a public cloud, Nemani claimed it was a good 'business decision' to not unleash its own offering. 

"We have to think about our core competency and who we think our customers are," he said. "We want them to be successful."

However, it was Cisco's ongoing push to stay focused on what it is good at, rather than enter unfamiliar territory - remember Flip? - that is keeping it out of the public cloud race.

"Remember what we do? We build networks... and have tremendous credibility," added Nemani.

"At Cisco, our focus is better than it ever has been and it shows. It is fair to say we are back to our best; the old Cisco."

In December 2011, Cisco announced its CloudVerse framework for building cloud deployments, including the unified data centre, cloud intelligent network and cloud application elements.


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