Rackspace set to build UK data centre in the north of England

Jennifer Scott News
24 Feb, 2012

The company tells Virtual Clouds it is looking to build another data centre in the north of England.

Rackspace is set to build another data centre in the UK, rather than expanding its reach across Europe.

The company’s recently appointed managing director of international, Taylor Rhodes, told Virtual Clouds it would be better for business to expand in the UK before venturing further afield.

“Plans are not set, but I would think in the next two to three years we will build another data centre in the UK,” he said.

When asked why Rackspace wouldn’t think of building another base in Europe first, Rhodes said it was best to focus on an area showing real growth for the company.

“We do a lot of business here in the UK,” he said. “Most of Europe, perhaps except France, are happy to do business in English so it makes sense to be based here.”

The need to expand across the British Isles also comes down to the lack of connectivity in some regions.

“If you are based here in London, you can connect easily to [the cloud] over the internet,” said Rhodes. “However, if you head up to somewhere [like] Manchester... the exchanges just aren’t as good.”

He did reassure us, however, that Rackspace offered customers a similar service to Amazon’s Direct Connect, where users can rent dedicated networks into the company’s data centre, preventing connectivity and security issues getting in the way.

“We give another choice to customers looking for cloud services, other than the likes of Amazon and IBM,” said Rhodes. “Even IBM are on-board with OpenStack so we think we offer a really strong alternative.”

Rackspace currently runs a data centre out of Slough in Berkshire and has its UK offices in Hayes, Middlesex.

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