AcerCloud aims to bridge Windows and Android gap

At CES in Las Vegas, Acer announces new cloud services to bring together PCs and mobiles.

Acer chose CES in Las Vegas this week to announce its new cloud service, aiming to bridge the gap between Windows and Android devices.

JT Wang, chief executive (CEO) and chairman of the company, said AcerCloud will launch later this year to help users manage music, photos and documents across multiple devices.

"Users no longer use the PC only," he said. "They use smartphones, tablets alongside the PC."

"Users need help to solve the problem of cross-devices and cross-platform."

Wang suggested users were being left high and dry by the operating system giants.

"Microsoft will take care of its devices, Google will take care of its devices, Acer will take care in between," he told a pre-CES press conference, attended by our sister title PC Pro.

AcerCloud consists of three apps tosynchronise photos, music and documents across Windows PCs and Android tablets/smartphones - with iOS devices left out in the cold.

The most interesting of the three cloud apps is " media." It allows users to store music on their PC and access those tracks from a smartphone, with the PC being automatically roused out of standby when the user presses the play button on their handset.

"You don't have to worry about the [power] state of your PC," said John Princen, general manager of AcerCloud.

"You can stream those files and download them for offline play."

The option to download the files could potentially put Acer at odds with the music industry, which has traditionally opposed format-shifting.

AcerCloud will launch in the second quarter in the US and China, with the rest of the world having to wait until the fourth quarter this year. It will be free to buyers of Acer laptops/tablets, although the apps will also be compatible on non-Acer devices.

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